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I am not my number

     When you’re little, it’s all about that ½ isn’t it? “I’m 7 ½” you proudly said at one time. Reaching “Sweet 16” signified you were growing up.  Turning 18 meant you became an adult, and we all know the significance of 21!   From early on, we are aware of the value that our culture places on numbers.   Sometimes the balance of power is so greatly skewed and one might put so much value on numbers that their lives are literally at stake.  Anyone who has experience with eating disorders knows that for those suffering, life revolves around the number on the scale, the number of calories, and so on.
     But even less critical scenarios can still be painful and take an emotional toll.  It seems like everywhere you turn, your identity and personal value is based upon numbers.  How much money do you make?  What is the balance of your bank account? How about that credit score? Do you know what your IQ is? What does your portfolio look like? How much is your car/house worth? All of this easily starts to feel like, “How much are YOU worth?”
     Just remember that all of these numbers are simply values that we humans have given them.  Yes, they do have some meaning while we live out our lives here in time and space, but when your special day comes and YOUR Spirit leaves your physical body, I can guarantee you that there is no number that will matter to you…or to the One who created you. 

I will remember that my true worth comes from who I am on the inside—my integrity, honesty, and spiritual light.  When I start to feel stressed over any sort of earthly number, I know that this number only APPEARS to be important, but its significance is transient.  The part of me that is eternal and powerful has NO NUMBER.  I am NOT my number.

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