The K9 Spirit - Changing Consciousness to a Spirit of Respect
Energy Healing

Energy healing is available for both pets and people! The K9 Spirit & Fulfilled Felines has a team of two Reiki Master Practitioners that use a combination of Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) to help your body restore balance and healing. 

Reiki is a holistic, ancient, Japanese method of stress reduction which involves the gentle flow of healing energy from the hands of the practitioner to the client.  Reiki is part of an exciting movement within the modern healthcare field, where hospitals are now offering it in conjunction with Traditional Western medicine to improve healing time, pain control, and overall spiritual and emotional well-being of patients. 

Reiki sessions may be done in the office, in your home, or from a distance by appointment only.  Distance Reiki will be done by a single, Reiki Master at your designated appointment time.  In-office or in-home Reiki will be done by either one or two Reiki Master Practitioners.

  • Relieve stress & tension
  • Calm emotions & nerves
  • Accelerate healing
  • Energize & revitalize
  • Balance the energy system
  • Become an agent for emotional & behavioral change
  • Offer comfort & support before and/or during euthanasia

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